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There has been a bookstore in this location for over 45 years.

The previous owners decided back in March to close and liquidate the store.  Retired and after helping out here for the last 4 years I decided to purchase the book inventory and after signing a new lease for the space I found myself the owner of a landmark bookstore.  A bookstore in bad need of fresh inventory to turn it around and also in serious need of a major cleaning, painting, and overall face-lift.

I have been a customer for over 25 years.  One day when my father and I had lunch he asked if we could drop by his "favorite" bookstore and pick up some books.  Now all these years later when faced with watching yet another bookstore close - and this time mine and my family's and friends- I found myself attempting to save his "favorite" store and for years, since that first visit, mine too.

The last four years I have been responsible for the popular fiction mass-market paperback room.  I cleaned it up, reorganized it, then kept it restocked, and alphabetized.  For the last 2 years I have done the purchasing for it also, though they weren't able to give me much of a budget with which to work. With over 33,400 paperbacks...  And YES... it really is that many.  The last physical inventory was late March and we actually counted every one.  Had to for me to purchase the bookstore inventory.  Anyway, it  would take years to recreate that room, so many are no longer available and getting harder and harder to find.  It is a terrific base to build on.  From where it is now it will only get better and better.

So first, after selecting approximately 20% of the best of the inventory in the rest of the store, a huge clearance sale was run at heavily discounted prices to clear out old "dead" inventory.  Starting at 30%, then 50%, then later 75% and hundreds and hundreds of books at just $1.00 the sale - originally intended to run for 4-6 weeks ran for almost 3 months.  While the process of closing off, little by little, more and more of the store as the inventory sold and collapsing it.  Then we started the huge job of cleaning up and out, painting and an overall major make-over began.  

​With all that's going on - to our regular customers - we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. And to new customers, please know that with limited time, staff, and finances we are doing our best to replenish and restock as quickly as possible.

Please bear with us while the store is in transition.  It has been and is a huge undertaking.

I am dedicated and determined to keep a "good" bookstore in our area.

When frequently asked, "How's business?"  Our response is "better with every book you buy".