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                   over  75,000 books   

            new ~ used ~ and rare

                               new & used books 
        50%  to over 75% off   of list price   

  OPEN  6  DAYS  Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri. & Sat 11 - 5pm 
​                               Sunday 12 - 4,  CLOSED Tuesdays

             over 4400 square feet (3 store fronts)                         
                            18838 Brookhurst Street
                         Fountain Valley, CA.  92706
                  located 1 mile from 405 (toward ocean)                               The POPULAR FICTION PAPERBACK ROOM
​                 between Ellis & Garfield in Fountain Plaza                      over  33,400 mass-market paperbacks on the shelves  
                      (with Copy4Less & Prehistoric Pets )                        (Yes!  Really! We counted every last one.  Had to for actual  .                                                                                                          inventory book numbers for sale to new owner. ME! )

                                                                                                         Stocking almost all published titles by the most popular authors.
                                                                                                         Specializing in trying to keep in stock their 1st published book
                                                                                                         thru the most recent. Favorites like Steve Berry, Baldacci, Lee
                                                                                                         Child, Clancy, Connelly, Cussler, DeMille, Vince Flynn, Follett,
                                                                                                         Grisham, James Patterson, James Rollins, Nicholas Sparks,
                                                                                                         Brad Thor, Stuart Woods and hundreds of others. And that's
                                                                                                         only the first aisle!  All arranged by genre alphabetically.
                                                                                                         Other aisles include Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy,
                                                                                                         Horror, Westerns, Paranormal and more.

                                                                                                 Our new display walls offer a great opportunity to view
​                                                                                                 our most recent arrivals.

​      Book store includes over 100 categories:  ART, BIBLES, CLASSICS, TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY, GARDENING, CRAFTS, MUSIC, HISTORY (including shelves of sub-categories like Civil War, WWII, World History and numerous others), RELIGION, POETRY, DICTIONARIES, Countries, Archeology, Anthropology, Self-Help, Metaphysics, Cooking, Psychology, Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Nature, Cats, Dogs, Science, Sports, Western Americana, Native Americans, Humor, Biographies, Literary Biographies, Entertainment Bios., Politics, Mathematics, Biology, Yoga, Diet & Nutrient, Health, Business, and many, many more. 

Please visit our CHILDREN'S BOOK Area in the store- more books arrive weekly. Recently remodeled by our new owner.  We have added quality children's educational toys, puzzles, and puppets.

Latest NEWS!!!  THANKS again for making our latest semi-annual Children's Book SIDEWALK SALE a huge success.  As usual in sunny southern California it was a beautiful day and we were set up by 10:00am with over 15 long tables and over 100 boxes of children's used books, set up everywhere out front where we could find an empty space. Loyal customers, newcomers, children, and teachers searched thru over 5000 books offered at an additional 60% discount off of our already low marked prices.  Sales were brisk!  THANKS AGAIN!  For those of you who missed it keep in mind our Spring/Fall sales are always held the first Saturday of May and last Saturday of September.  Hope to see you at the next one!



Each season we decorate the store. You will especially
not want to miss our Easter, Halloween/Fall, or Christmas
displays.  Our favorite to decorate for is Halloween and we 
go all out ...as you can see by the picture here showing our 
Old But Interesting book area.